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The only way I'll get better at making icons is through practice. Want something iconned? Then ask here!

-Please link me any caps or art you want done.
-I will icon any series from any medium. There exists no medium divide in Shaifang. Original works are awesome, too!
-If you have an artists or resources to credit, give me those too so I can properly thank them.
-I will do NSFW icons.
-I will do icon sets for RP purposes.
-I will NOT color icons. Still working on getting faster at it. If I feel comfortable doing it I'll change this rule someday.
-I will icon B+W icons though if that's what you want.
-If you don't like what I make, tell me why and I'll see about fixing it.
-I will prioritize them over my own icons but if the wait becomes unbearable do by all means yell at me.
-I will do profile pictures and plurk icons.
-You can use whatever I make anywhere you want.
-I accept bribes.

I only ask you properly credit me and maybe spread the word.

Requests are currently OPEN


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